Episode 27 – What we want from Star Wars Battlefront 2

Episode 27 – And we thought it would be a quiet week. A heap of Star Wars hype drops all at once with The Last Jedi and Battlefront 2 trailers, Microsoft tries out refunds on digital purchases, more details on Naughty Dog’s next Uncharted outing are revealed, Battlegrounds sells a million and Nintendo manages to sell more Breath of the Wild copies than Switches while discontinuing their last successful toy. Phew!

Episode 26 – Scorpio Specs and Sceptics

Episode 26 – Xbox Scorpio specs drop but leave us with more questions than answers, Youtube changes monetisation rules while Atlus cracks down on streamers, and Binary forgets what year it is and plays the original COD: Black Ops. We also chat about Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Fistful of Frags, and much much more.

Episode 25 – LIVE – DCW Weekend, Destiny 2, Nacon Controllers & Mass Effect

Episode 25 – Oh_Gaz, Binary and Elias are LIVE for the first time as part of the DCW Weekend. They talk to some of the latest industry news including MAD CATZ, Destiny 2, Mass Effect plus some PS$ controller reviews.

Episode 24 – Destiny 2, Mass Effect Woes and DCWeekend!

Oh_Gaz, Binary and Elias give their opinions on the recent Destiny2 announcement, share more experiences on Horizon, Game Censorshipp plus everything ugly, weird, and awesome from Mass Effect: Andromeda